I don’t know if anyone has seen the Census 2000 statistics that have been released but it’s absolutely fascinating to me. A full 12.5% of California is Asian. That’s one out of every eight people in the entire state. And as has been heavily publicized, there’s no single majority anymore in California.

Of course, I’m Asian so the Asian stats are what fascinate me. There are a number of counties in California that are more than 50% Asian. Including San Francisco. And a few others, not sure which ones they were. That’s mind boggling to me.

Another thing that I found incredible is that Houston is more than 10% Asian. I knew it’s been getting more and more Asian, even since my family moved there, but more than 10%? That’s a lot of Asians.

Anyway, get used to your kids being in Asian cliques. You might not like it (Henry) but it seems like it’s unavoidable. Just looking at the map, any place that you would want to go to has a fair number of Asians and is probably going to get more so, so you can’t escape it.

Anyway, it’s very interesting to me. Another interesting thing is how little the races mix. And another really interesting thing the Mercury pointed out is how the races are divided by religion. Actually, their story was on Asians, and how the statistics make it seem like this single monolithic group is taking over, but in reality it’s this extremely diverse group that doesn’t mix all that much. It talked about how you can see this in Milpitas (which I believe is majority Asia now). There’s this street with like a Buddhist temple for one Asian race, a Catholic church for another, and a Protestant church for another, all in the same vicinity.

Anyway, yeah, maybe it’s just me, but I find all this stuff fascinating.

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