So, JT the Brick has been off the afternoon for a while now. Here’s the weird thing. I don’t miss him that much.

I realized that the kind of callers you get on a sports talk show are ones mostly like the host. So JT’s callers are all about passion and energy, and they yell and scream and are all about that. Whereas like, other hosts are more conversational. Jim Rome is all about “takes”, and being obnoxious and whatever, and that’s the kind of calls he gets.

Anyway, the new guy is Greg Papa, like I said a guy I like a lot. And, he’s clearly intelligent, conversational, and a good guy, and the callers he gets tend to be conversational, intelligent, and good guys. The thing that Papa has up on JT is that he’s a much better interviewer. I’m sorry to say it, but interviewing is JT’s biggest weakness. It just sounds like he’s following a script and isn’t really listening that carefully at all. Both Jim Rome and Greg Papa are much better interviewers.

So yeah, I appreciate the new style, the better interviewers, and the better callers that Greg Papa brings.

So, before I was writing about the Razor and Mr. T and how I don’t like them because they digress way too much. But I was listening the other day and they were digressing about Survivor. Surprisingly intelligently as well. So, they’re back in my plus column.

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