Am I the only one really confused about what happened in the most recent Survivor? I don’t know, everything about the vote made no sense.

  • Kucha’s vote: why were they split 2-1? Did they not even try to get Amber on their side? How would splitting their vote be any better at all? Why the heck did Nick vote the way he did? It’s a complete mystery.The only thing I think is possible is that Nick knew he was gone and decided to vote out of principle. Maybe to help Kucha later, by making it seem to the others that there’s no alliance anymore. I really can’t figure it out.
  • Why did they choose Amber? That’s the absolute worst thing to do. Kucha needed to get Amber on their side, not vote her off. Now that they voted for her, it will be that much harder to get her on their side. And, even if they do, since she now has votes, it puts them at a disadvantage. That made no sense to me.
  • What is Amber thinking? Clearly her own tribe can’t be trusted. The thing is, if I was her, I would have done the exact same thing. The best thing for her to do is play everyone against each other, since she’s the swing vote. So, vote Nick off now. Then, align with Elisabeth and Rodger and vote off Colby. Again, she’s the swing vote. Then do the same thing, vote off Elisabeth, etc. But yeah, I don’t know if that’s what she’s thinking. She’s probably thinking stick with Ogakor till the final four and try to win immunity, but that’s stupid.
  • So my prediction about the order of getting kicked off from now on is Colby, Elisabeth, Tina, Rodger, and then Amber’s going to win. Bold? Whatever, it’s just out of my butt.

But seriously, Dave’s right – I’m always wrong about Survivor. I don’t know anything. Stanford/UNC.

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