There’s another possibility, I think. It might be that they voted for Amber as kind of a threat. That is, to tell her, you have to align yourself with us or we will hurt you as much as we can by piling votes against you. And who knows, it could work. I’m positive that Elisabeth tried to talk to Amber to join them. Just, that would be consistent with her character throughout the series.

I think Ben is asking way too much from Nick. That’s just not the way Nick chose to play the game – he never initiated in forming alliances or anything like that, he tried to play with “class” whatever that means, but yeah, he would never take the initiative in trying to approach Amber. I’m not saying it’s right, just that’s how he chose to “play”. Who knows if it’s dumb or not. It’s hard to say, but I am positive that Elisabeth tried to talk to Amber. Nick probably knew this, so why should he try to do more? As far as his laziness goes, yeah, that’s his own fault, but what can you do.

Side note. We noticed early on in the series that the black men on Survivor have both been portrayed as lazy. Strange.

I’m positive we didn’t see the whole story though. Why they heck they would vote for Amber wasn’t explained at all, but I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

I’m rethinking what the best strategy for Amber is. The point isn’t to get as far as you can, but to win. That’s why Sean’s alphabetic “strategy” was stupid last time. It got him to the last 5, but it guaranteed that he would not win, so it’s stupid. It’s critical for Amber that she be with Keith in the end to win. There’s just no other way for her to get the last vote. So, she can’t align herself with Elisabeth and Rodger the entire way – that would guarantee her losing.

I’m going to stand by my order of kicking off. Colby, Elisabeth, Tina, Rodger, and then her over Keith.

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