So, I’m concerned about the gut I’m developing. It’s not huge, but it’s there, and it disturbs me. So I bought an ab-wheel that I’ve been using pretty regularly, and am trying to do something active each week, hopefully basketball, because you gotta do something cardiovascular to work that off, right?

So I wanted to push myself in terms of being active so this past Saturday we played ball for about 3 hours. It was good, but for the past few days I’ve had a lingering headache. This actually happens frequently when I play basketball. I think the reason is this. It’s well known that I bob my head a lot. I think when I play ball I bob it even more. So, I think I might be giving myself a slight concussion every time I play. Dunno what to do about that.

But yeah, I’m gradually getting better. I played DDR over winter break and was so out of breath I literally could not stand up for 15 minutes afterwards. I’ve played a few times since and it hasn’t been nearly as bad. Same thing with ball – I was incredibly out of breath the first time out this year but have been a lot better since.

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