So one thing I’ve noticed about children’s ministry is how so much of things is beyond the teachers’ control. You just want kids to have friends at church, but what I’ve seen is that the kids with the most friends are church are those whose parents are the most involved with the church, and similarly so for the kids whose parents are not that involved. I mean, this is obvious, I guess, but it’s almost completely dependent on their parents’ involvement in the church. So like, some kids come every week, and they have friends at school, they’re well adjusted and whatever, but, their parents aren’t very involved, and it’s hard for them to be friends with the other kids who see each other more often since their parents are involved. It’s just sad to me because there’s so little a teacher can do. How well the kids will get along at church is almost entirely dependent on their parents.

I think it all changes with youth group, but yeah, I see that in the children’s ministry and it makes me sad.

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