Just got back from the U2 concert. It was pretty awesome, but whatever. What I wanted to mention is that it was weird – Bono was saying all this weird Christian stuff. Like in “One”, he sings, “Have you come here to find Jesus…” and he extends Jesus, and instead of singing the regular line, I could have sworn he said “because I have”. Adrian says he’s been singing “because I did”. Whatever it was, it was interesting.

And then, throughout that song he was saying all these weird stuff that sounded Christian, but I couldn’t quite make it out. And then, at the end of the concert, they ended with “Walk On”, and he says, “Thanks to San Jose. Thanks to Oakland. Thanks to San Francisco.” And then he says, “Thanks to The Almighty.” And he says it again. “Thanks to The Almighty.” And then he sings “Hallelujah” about 6 times and then ends. I don’t know, it was kind of cool.

Compile’s almost done. Time to go home and watch Survivor. I’m pretty excited.

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