So we played Pictionary on Sunday at Cafe Excelente, where we made up our own words. What is it about guys that makes us competitive so we put in all these impossible words? My words were stuff like “Kentucky Fried Movie”, “xenon”, and “Moldova”. Stuff that’s impossible to draw. I wasn’t alone. Kenny put in stuff like “Whitey Ford” and random presidents. I don’t know, I was amused.

But yeah, certain guys always do things like this, so there’s certain games where you can’t have people make up their own words. The bowl game, that’s OK, because you can get people to sound things off. But, I dunno if it works for Pictionary.

I remember the most absurd game I ever played. It was at Stanford, in Roble basement, I think after the Big Game, our class at KCPC got together to play games. And, we did the same thing, everyone wrote down the things, but then we played charades. It was absurd. You just can’t do that, because you’ll get people like me writing things like Chester A. Arthur. How do you act that? Impossible. And there were phrases like “Sacramento is da bomb.” In charades. Absurd.

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