I saw Project A 2 last night. I thought it was pretty good – not the best (or enough) action scenes, but it had the best plot of any Jackie Chan movie I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot. Here’s a list:

  • Big Brawl – worst movie ever made. Watched in Serra Lounge.
  • Project A – costarring Sammo Hung. The version I saw was released by Dimension Films, I believe, and only had a dubbed track. Anger.
  • Wheels on Meals – you read that right. Not Meals on Wheels. Also costarring Sammo Hung. The entire movie is random and terrible, except for the last half hour, which is incredible. But still random. I watched this because Andrew mentioned how some magazine once said this movie had the best fight sequence ever.
  • Police Story – the first Jackie Chan movie I ever saw, back when I lived in San Jose
  • Project A 2
  • Mr. Canton and Lady Rose – I’ve actually never seen this but I have the VCD.
  • Operation Condor – at a Dollar Theater in Houston
  • Twin Dragons – at a random hotel in East Asia that only showed a part of the movie repeatedly. Meaning, they’d play like the same hour of it over and over, never the whole movie, I think. So I’ve never seen the whole movie, but I’ve seen parts of it at least 4 times. Also, there were no subtitles so I’m only vaguely aware of what’s going on. But actually, that’s true of most Jackie Chan movies, subtitles or not.
  • Supercop – the dubbed American release
  • City Hunter – on DVD
  • Drunken Master 2 – my favorite Jackie Chan movie. First time I saw it with Irwin and others in AmStud, the RA’s son’s copy. I’ve seen it multiple times since.
  • Thunderbolt – I watched Keith Lee’s copy in Yost with Kathy Yung. Random.
  • Rumble in the Bronx – I actually saw parts of this in Korea in summer of ’95, but saw it proper here.
  • First Strike – Bought the VCD in East Asia. This movie is horrible. A lot of his newer movies just stink.
  • Mr. Nice Guy – Also on VCD. Another terrible film, but with better fight sequences than First Strike.
  • Who Am I? – I think I saw this multiple times because one version I had (I have at least two copies of this on VCD) didn’t have English subtitles, although some of the movie is in English. I think I liked it overall.
  • Rush Hour – I liked it but it could have used more fight scenes.
  • Shanghai Noon – I liked it. But my opinion is white directors don’t film his fight scenes as well as they could.

That’s 18 Jackie Chan movies I’ve seen. 20 if you count Enter the Dragon and Gen-X Cops. Whoa.

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