I went to the Oakland A’s – Toronto game last night at the Net. It was actually a really good game. Mulder pitched a 3 hit shutout, and Tejada hit 2 home runs – A’s win 6-0. They say it was the A’s best victory this season, performance wise. They played pretty well.

So, I went to an A’s game late last season, and there were a lot more people there then, it was interesting. Both times were on Dollar wednesdays (dollar tickets, dollar hot dogs). But those weirdo drum guys in left were there both times.

Here’s the absurd thing. I sat in box seats again. Again, courtesy of Jieun’s school. I don’t know, I have to enjoy this because I don’t think it’s ever going to happen again. So I’ve now sat in box seats at the Coliseum (thanks to Jieun), Pac Bell Park (Jieun again), the Coliseum Arena (is that what it’s called?) for a Warriors/Rockets game (thanks to Kevbo), and the San Jose Arena (thanks to Young Lee). I think that’s absurd. All I need is to get into the box at the ‘Stick and my Bay Area tour is complete.

In terms of just the box itself, I liked the ones at the Coliseum and Arena (Oakland) the best. The Arena even has its own bathroom. The thing is, the one at the Coliseum feels way to separated from the action. Like, if you close the glass door, you’re completely enclosed from the field, and that doesn’t feel right. In terms of being part of the action, Pac Bell is much better. I honestly can’t remember what the San Jose Arena was like, but I think it was middle of the road in all respects.


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