I remember the randomest sports things. So, the Jazz lost their first round series to the Mavericks after leading 2-0. That’s only happened a handful of times; never before had it happened twice to the same team. Does anyone remember the first time it happened to the Jazz?

I do. It was against Golden State, back when Sleepy Floyd and Joe Barry Carroll were there and George Karl was there. Those two were traded for Ralph Sampson after that season. Incidentally, does anyone else remember when George Karl was coach of the Albany Patroons in the CBA and that the Patroons were the best team?

I’m also surprised no one commented on the retirement of Napolean Kaufman, a running back on the Raiders. He’s still good, he has a contract, but he walked away from it so he could dedicate more time to doing ministry. I thought that was incredibly encouraging, because it’s so obviously sincere. He basically left millions of dollars on the table to do what he really wanted, and that’s encouraging to me.

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