I think it’s important to cultivate hobbies. I’m not sure why. Balance? Sanity? I dunno. But I think it’s a good thing.

My mom’s hobby when I was growing up was flower arranging. She was pretty good at it, and pretty into it. She did it for church a lot, and she’d every so often go to classes and seminars on Saturdays and buy books. Sometimes I’d go with her to get the flowers at this place called Romaggi in downtown San Jose. It’s a weird place, just a huge warehouse with tons of flowers.

But it was always strange to me because if you know my mom, she’s the most functional person in the world. I just always thought it was interesting that she was into something so artsy. But, I think it made her peaceful and she enjoyed it. I just think it’s cool to find something that makes you happy that you don’t have to do, I guess.

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