So I became aware of this frightening web page that lists my social web network at Stanford. It’s pretty scary.

But pretty interesting also. Kind of funny. Like, I guess it does some type of text analysis to show what me and people I link / link to me have in common. So like, me and Jieun have in common:

  • CITIES: houston
  • MISC: kcpc, kemi, late night, god, korean, cs
  • COUNTRIES: korea, japan

Ruth Elliot is also listed. What the heck do we have in common?

  • MISC: hyper, sharks, god, harrison ford, cs1i
  • ORGANIZATIONS: dallas cowboys

Harrison Ford? Random. Incidentally, me and John have nothing in common.

Whoa. Here’s the page that shows who I have most in common with. #1 (with a bullet): Keith Leonard Lee. Bold.

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