I highly recommend you read the latest issue of Christianity Today. It just deals with a lot of the issues that have been brought up on the j bulletin b lately. In particular, dating and the Prayer of Jabez.

In fact, the cover story this month was on singleness and dating. It was pretty good because they were way more objective and insightful than I was. Like, everything I thought I had a unique insight on, they brought up. Oh well. That’s just my hubris.

I think I like Josh Harris a lot more now, also, by the way. One of the articles was like a survey of dating books. In case you didn’t know, there was a response to I Kissed Dating Goodbye that was supposedly almost as popular called I Gave Dating A Chance. But I think CT is right – they’re not that different. Both (I think) don’t really advocate casual dating, since if there’s absolutely no intention of any type of commitment, all that can happen is hurt. Ultimately.

But neither – even Josh Harris – advocate dating/courtship = engagement either. I think they’d say it’s OK to date without knowing whether the other is the one. And I think both would say it’s OK to break up. If I’m reading things correctly. So, if I’m understanding things right, I don’t think I really dislike Josh Harris. It’s more the Korean Christian view I dislike.

By the way, the only book the article really slams is Choosing God’s Best, and it has almost nothing good to say about it. Primarily because there’s no Biblical basis for its position.

Anyway, yeah, read Christianity Today. It’s pretty encouraging, I think.

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