Henry is still wrong.

I’ll just address one thing. Yes, your point is that financial concerns have spiritual ramifications. That’s fine. But John is still valid in his feelings. Financial concerns are only valid in terms of their spiritual ramifications. You say “It’s absurd to say you are considering just one of the issues, and that — therefore — you are not considering the other.” This isn’t what John is saying. It’s more absurd to say that if you are considering financial considerations you are necessarily considering spiritual considerations. And what John is saying is that to him it feels like he’s only considering the financial reasons and not necessarily the spiritual.

So spiritual concerns are the only thing that matter. Financial concerns are only relevant in light of their spiritual ramifications. When you only consider financial reasons that’s bad, and it’s something the Bible speaks against. John felt like he was making a decision solely for financial reasons, not the spiritual ramifications of those decisions or other spiritual concerns. So his feelings are valid.

But Henry is still right about John being wrong.

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