When I was growing up, the majority of my clothes were from Mervyn’s and Marshall. My underwear, socks, and other stuff came from Marshall, which was cheaper because it was “slightly irregular”. All my pants came from Mervyn’s.

Buying pants was a little traumatic for me growing up because I was always a really skinny kid. So like, even when I was older, I had to buy kids’ jeans, since those were the only ones that fit. Actually, not kids exactly, but Levi’s “Student” 550s. These were like the transition from kid size to adult, and I was there for a long time. It was pretty embarrassing for me having to shop in the kids section in high school. Sometimes when my sister was there I’d make her pretend we were buying them for a younger brother who wasn’t there.

I once had a bonding talk with a friend who had a similar experience. Except he was kind of big kid. So, when he was young, he couldn’t buy regular kids’ pants. He had to get “Husky” sizes.

I don’t know, little things like that stick with me.

Also, random, for a few years in elementary school, all I wore was Izod and Levi’s. You know Izod, the Polo shirts with the alligator. My closet was filled with it. Utterly random.

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