So some people are saying now in baseball it’s more important to have a balanced team than just one or a few superstars. The model for this is Seattle, which of course lost Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez and somehow are far and away in first. Dunno how true it is.

But it seems clear that in basketball, that’s not true. I dunno if you agree or not. But, in basketball, you can’t win without a superstar, preferably two of them, and just a passable supporting cast. You know, with like Shaq and Kobe, Tim Duncan and David Robinson, MJ and Scottie, Magic and Kareem, etc. ESPN radio was talking about it last night. The only exception I can think of really is the Rockets first championship, where Hakeem was really the only superstar. But yeah, two superstars is more important than strong balance, I think. Who knows.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy about the Rockets’ draft. Because they got a potential superstar, and I don’t know how they pulled it off.

Honestly, the Rockets’ front office is pretty good. Think about all they’ve been involved with in the past. Their trading Otis Thorpe for Clyde Drexler was brilliant. Somehow they got Charles. Somehow they got Scottie Pippin, who at the time was the most sought after free agent. Somehow they got Stevie Franchise. And now Eddie Griffin. It hasn’t all worked, but think of one other team that’s been involved in so many good deals. It’s pretty impressive.

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