From Dave Barry’s column this week:

“From time to time, Miss Streisand graciously takes time out from her busy schedule of being a wealthy Malibu resident to advise the nation on what to think and do. She puts her views on her official website,, which is hands down the most entertaining thing on the Internet. Recently, Miss Streisand informed Californians that they could ease the energy crisis by — prepare for an insight — conserving energy. Wow! It makes so much sense, you wonder how come nobody ever thought of it before Miss Streisand did!

Miss Streisand’s website offers some specific energy-saving tips, including (I am not making these up): ‘Turn off appliances and lights when they are not in use’ and ‘Use warm or cold water to wash clothes.’

I know I speak for all Californians when I say: ‘Thank you, Miss Streisand! It’s always helpful to be lectured on conservation by somebody whose personal residence consumes the same amount of energy as Brazil!'”

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