So I visited Jieun’s K/1st grade summer school class today.

I once heard landing a plane on an aircraft carrier described as being a controlled crash. I think it was from a Tom Clancy book. Anyway, this class was like that. It’s controlled chaos. Except for the controlled part.

I don’t know how Jieun does it. But like, these kids have limitless energy and about 2 minute attention spans. Deadly combination. Seriously, it’s just chaos. I was just observing and that exhausted me after an hour and a half. I don’t know, Jieun impressed me, that she could hold any of their attention at all and that she has the endurance to last each day.

A direct quote of Jieun today: “Don’t put your head in your leg.” Words to live by.

Anyway, the cool thing I noticed is that the kids are completely unaware of class and race. There’s a pretty good mix because you get some EPA kids. But everyone plays with everyone. There are groups, but it’s not divided by ethnicity or anything like that. I dunno, I found that really cool. Because it doesn’t stay like that for very long.

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