There was a great interview yesterday on the Greg Papa show with this guy Mike Davis. He was on base in that World Series when Kirk Gibson hit a homer off of Dennis Eckersley, which is definitely the most amazing sports moment I’ve ever witnessed.

Anyway, it was a great interview. He was saying how it was ironic that the Dodgers won that year because it was a terrible year for him. He spent most of the year playing tailback. As he explained it, after batting practice, when they’d go to take the field, he’d go with them, and then Tommy Lasorda would say, “Get your tail back on the bench.”

At the end of the interview, Papa asked him about this group he’s involved with, the Christian Golfers Association, or something like that. And he explained it. What they do is they have scholarships for kids and spend 8 weeks teaching them how to play golf while sharing with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s exactly how he said it.

I dunno, I was really encouraged by that. I think it’s because the interview went so well. You know, a lot of vocal Christians, non-Christians wouldn’t want to associate with at all. But Davis came across as being a really nice, friendly, easy to talk to guy, and when he talked about what he was involved with, it didn’t come across as weird. Papa didn’t get weirded out when he said “Gospel of Jesus Christ” but even inquired more about what they did, and again, it all came across as sounding good, not weird.

I found that encouraging.

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