There’s this weird thing in this area on El Camino in Santa Clara/Sunnyvale. I wrote before how this restaurant opened called Gil-mok, or Corner Place. This is Jieun’s (and many others’) favorite Korean restaurant in L.A. So of course we were excited about it and we went.

It was terrible. Apparently it’s not connected to the L.A. ones at all. And when we asked the waitress if they were related, she looked at us as if we were insane for asking it.

Anyway, right next to that restaurant there recently opened a tofu place called BCD Tofu. The thing is, according to Dave Park, BCD Tofu is the name of the supposedly consensus best tofu chain in L.A. So we tried it, and again, asked if they were connected to the L.A. chain. This time the waitress acted as if she’d heard the question before and explained that they’re connected only in that they share a name – there’s no relation.

I don’t know, it struck me as being strange and a little dishonest. But whatever, that’s Koreans for you. So if you’re wondering, BCD Tofu and Corner Place on El Camino are not at all like the places in L.A.

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