I’ve been really encouraged by the Raiders recently. I wrote about this before, but Napolean Kaufman, one of their running backs, retired to go into ministry. Everyone said how his heart clearly wasn’t into football, it was into different things, so he gave up the millions he could have taken to do what he felt called to. That’s encouraging to me.

Anyway, recently one of their linemen Steve Wisniewski (sp?) was very seriously contemplating retirement for similar reasons. I may be mistaken about this but I think he might even have enrolled in seminary. But he was so important to the team that a bunch of people lobbied him to postpone his ministry training and so he’s back for the season.

One thing that really struck me was something Greg Papa said. A bunch of people had said what a great guy he was, sincere, stuff like that. And Papa said how outside of David Robinson, Wis was just the nicest, quality person he knew in sports. Not just a good player, a quality person. And, if you didn’t know, Robinson is also Christian.

I don’t know. In their little and not so little ways, Christians are making their mark in the world of sports in good ways, and that’s encouraging to me.

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