I’m wearing boxer briefs right now.

A while ago Dave was saying how it’s good to try different things. If I remember correctly his examples were sitting to pee and wiping from back to front. I’ve tried the first, not the second, because, to be frank, it’s disgusting. But yeah, I thought it would be good to try boxer briefs.

I don’t like it. Some friends of mine wear them to avoid chafing, but for me, it seems to chafe more. Just, with briefs, the side seams are up snug, but with boxer briefs, the seams are kind of suspended down a bit, putting them in prime chafing position. So yeah, I don’t know if I like. I’m still trying to evaluate.

The cool thing is, I dunno, I feel like I have this secret that no one knows except me, and now all of you. It’s kind of cool. I’ve heard girls say that’s how they feel with colored underwear.

That’s the next step for me, by the way. Colored briefs. We’ll see how that goes.

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