The reason I don’t think I’ve really experienced the “brilliant” thing is this. I didn’t get it growing up because with those people, I grew up with. Does that make sense? The way we learned to interact with people in general was in large way formed by how we interacted with each other, so it’s not like this barrier could form.

In Houston, I don’t know why it is, but there are a lot of brilliant people there. Just thinking of my friends, you have your Harvard grads, your PhD students, your M.D.s, your M.B.A.s, etc. I have no idea why but there are just a lot of brilliant people my age in Houston.

Actually, I do think I know why it is. My theory is, as a Korean you don’t end up in Houston unless you have a reason to be there. So like at my church, there are a lot of doctors (Texas Medical Center) and engineers, many of them for like oil related companies. So yeah, these types of people tend to push their children more, hence the skew. It’s changing a lot though.

Anyway, yeah, since there are so many of them there, people in general aren’t as awe-struck or intimidated by whatever. So it doesn’t happen as much in Houston.

I’m totally with Dave. I dunno, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to speak the way you speak without having to worry about coming across as snooty or something. That’s the worst.

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