As you all know, I’m a big fan of Newsweek. I think the past year has solidified my respect for the magazine. They have just been on the leading edge of issues. Like, they did a big cover story on the Stem Cell debate a month before it became a headline grabbing issue. They did a big feature on medical breakthroughs, featuring the Abio-Cor, a new artificial heart, and a bit afterwards, this heart was transplanted into a patient for the first time. He found out about it through Newsweek. They did a big story on the child porn problem and some months later (last week) there was a big international bust. I don’t know, it’s impressive to me.

I know I sound like I’m working for them, but I dunno, I just like the magazine.

Anyway, recently I’ve really enjoyed this one columnist, Fareed Zakaria. He writed excellent columns. Well thought out, well written, and with intelligent things to say.

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