Sweet November was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Absolutely terrible. It takes a lot for me to say that. This is a person who watched Master With Cracked Fingers.

That’s a Jackie Chan movie from 1971. I think they released it after he got big. What they did is took a bunch of old unused footage (some of it actually was used in other movies, like Drunken Master, so it makes no sense) and padded it with additional scenes. Like, they worked in a whole subplot involving Jackie’s kung-fu teacher. So there are no scenes in which Jackie and his “teacher” appear in the same frame. So you can imagine how disjointed and random and poor quality this film is.

It’s pretty hilarious, actually. You’ll see Jackie fighting, then cut to the teacher who inexplicably is hiding in the trees away from the action, yelling, “Jackie, fight!” then back to Jackie. Or the scenes with the teacher and “Jackie”, who for some reason never shows his face in these scenes.

And the quality of the DVD was worse than EP VHS. Terrible picture quality, terrible dubbing: bad bad movie.

And Sweet November was worse.

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