I thought wind, spirit and breath were all from the same word: ruach. But I might be making this up. Anyway, maybe those verses I cite are confusing, but I mean, they’re there in the Bible. In the end though, I’m really not sure about anything.

Anyway, I do think we will have some sort of body in heaven, because I believe the New Testament speaks repeatedly about having new, transformed, heavenly bodies. Dunno if that’s physical or not. But it’s something called a “body”. My dad has some theories about this. That it’s different from earthly bodies to the point of being unrecognizable. He bases this on when Jesus appears after his death. Everyone has trouble recognizing him. There’s one passage where they eat breakfast with him and it says they don’t dare ask who his is – they know it’s Jesus. That doesn’t make sense unless it’s not obvious based on his physical appearance.

Also, the teleportation problem is much discussed in philosophy. I could go on and on about that and other implications of that as it related to the mind/body and personal identity. It’s pretty interesting. But to me it’s just a game. I don’t know, maybe I’m naive, but I have doubts about a lot of things like this. A lot of philosophical problems are like, if this were to happen, then it would be a problem. But I don’t know if the ifs can ever occur, so it’s not really a problem. This is obvious, I guess. But yeah, it’s really interesting to think about.

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