Finally got the new Out of the Grey CD and the Live EP. Dude. First the Live EP. It’s incredible. I know I’m a fan so I’m biased, but objectively, it’s incredible. Incredibly musical. It’s a little raw, being live, but that adds to it, I think. It’s pretty amazing. I really hope you got this CD.

I just starting listening to their CD, 6.1, and it’s fascinating. It’s not boring like Gravity, which is a good thing. The thing that strikes me most is that it’s very very interestingly produced. Very inventive.

My respect for this producer, Monroe James, is rapidly increasing. His first album was Chris Rice’s first album, and at that time I thought he was a one trick acoustic pony, like Wayne Kirkpatrick. But dude, the stuff he’s produced has gotten more and more interesting. Like, Chris Rice’s last album and this Out of the Grey one – pretty amazing stuff.

Give it a listen.

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