This might come out the wrong way, but I thought it was amazing. So my dad’s church, when he first got there in 1994, was around 200 people. This is all second hand so the numbers may be off, but it’s generally correct. Anyway, nowadays, total attendance (including youth, children, EM, etc.) sometimes is around 1250. Is that not insane?

An interesting thing is, you know Korean parents are really big on education. It apparently applies to spiritual things also. Turns out a lot of families end up coming to the church because it’s one of the few (the only?) with a strong children’s / youth program. I think I wrote before how some parents were dropping their kids off at our church before going to their own. Same type of thing.

Anyway, the thing is, the children’s group is strong because we have a strong English Ministry, which provides all the teachers. And the EM is strong because of the support of the KM. Which gets stronger because the children’s ministry is so good. It’s all a very interesting synergy that makes everyone better. I dunno, it’s making me think a lot about what makes a good church.

At any rate, my mom says there are 15,000 Koreans in greater Houston. Not sure where she got that number. But anyway, what that means is that almost 1 out of every 12 Koreans in Houston goes to our church. Think about that. That is insane.

I looked at the government census website and there it says there’s only 5,000 Koreans in Houston, and 8,764 in Harris County. If that’s true that’s even more insane. I thought that was crazy.

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