Are you a biter or a licker?

When I was younger and went to Baskin-Robbins, I would lick the entire cone. No bites at all. My reasoning was, it maximizes the experience of eating the cone, lets you taste all of it and make it last. I couldn’t understand why people would bite it. You taste less and it doesn’t last.

Nowadays I do a combination of biting and licking. The main reason being, if you only lick, it starts melting and dripping out the bottom of your cone (if it’s a sugar cone) and that’s just messy and annoying.

I have a friend who frequently gets McDonald’s cones. He licks, but in such a way as to push the soft serve into the cone with each lick. The reason being, according to him, one of the joys of life is eating the soft serve and cone together in the end.

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