An interesting thing came up in conversation during the roadtrip. I think in certain analytical ways, me, Dave, and Henry think similarly. Not sure how to explain it, but whatever. Anyway, at one point, one of them said how they viewed me as like a “good” version of them.

That was perhaps the most stunning thing I’d ever heard. The reason being, I think exactly the opposite – I’ve always thought of them as being good versions of me. Just, I find myself full of hypocrisy and laziness (towards people), and that’s something they’re not.

What we realized I think is that we had different standards of what made a person more “good”, and I think we focused on our weaknesses in that standard. I don’t know if that says anything about human nature in general, but regardless, I thought it was interesting.

At any rate, they’re wrong – I’m clearly the most evil. There’s only one thing in which I’m better, I think. And that is, I genuinely like people. Not love, just like.

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