There’s a mosque about 2 blocks away from my work. It’s pretty interesting to drive by it. I think they run a school as well – often there are kids playing in the yards while women in more traditional garb watch them. Each Friday there’s some kind of service and it’s packed with people – it’s pretty crazy. And it’s interesting to see the differences in appearance of the people that go.

Anyway, last Friday there were numerous policemen there to protect the people. And for some reason, that felt good to me. Yeah, there are a lot of problems with prejudice and intolerance, hence the need for police. But the fact that they were there says something to me, that this country does want to protect them. I dunno, I’ve been feeling kind of patriotic lately, not sure why. We have a ways to go, but there’s pretty much no place on earth that is as inclusive and accepting as the U.S.

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