Living with Keith and Eric has introduced me to a level of harder-core gaming than I have ever seen. It’s astounding. I remember one night I was up pretty late, and Keith was playing a game (Dark Age of Camelot). I had to get up early for worship team, and he was playing the game. Went to church, had lunch, did errands, came back, and he was playing the game. I’m sorry, that’s insane. And it’s not an isolated incident.

This past Saturday was also funny. I come back from church and the apartment is completely dark, Eric and Keith sitting at their computers. It’s clear that no one’s eaten, probably haven’t showered, too busy playing their respective games. It’s hard core. I dunno. Keith and Slim are so hard core and it plunges so far down the scale of respectability past pathetic that it comes back up around to a level of admirability. There’s something noble about being that devoted to something.

Anyway, for some strange reason it’s kind of interesting to watch Keith/Slim play Camelot, although it’s exactly the same thing every time: fight a random creature, sit down. Repeat. I haven’t seen anything more exciting than this.

One thing that was cool was that there was an area where the creatures seemed to be based on Speaker for the Dead. They had piggies and tree creatures. That was kind of cool, in a loser sort of way.

One last observation – most of the people that play these games online according to Keith are in their 30s. Keith was chatting with one such guy last night and asked him if he was married. His response: “Not anymore”. Pretty shocking.

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