Am I the only one that was shocked by the cover of In Style magazine a couple months back? It was all over the bookstores and grocery stores and wherever. It had a picture of Kate Hudson completely naked, strategically blocking her hibbidy jibbidies. I guess more than shocked I thought it made no sense. The latest “in” style is nudity? Confusing.

Anyway, Esquire is different from Maxim et al, and I kind of drew a distinction, albeit subtle, between them. It is well written, but I stopped reading Henry’s Esquires after reading this extremely disturbing story in it. It was about a guy who has children with his dog. Most of the litter are majority dog, and these go on to form a popular singing group. One, however, is majority man, a tiny little man-dog creature. I am 100% not making this up. The man-dog goes on to have children with a woman in an iron lung, who gives birth to puppies. It was, in a word, disturbing. But well-written.

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