I dislike it when Dave says I’m first tier intelligence. Just because I’m smarter than him doesn’t make me first tier. We just have different criteria of what first-tier is. But in my mind, the fact that I can make a distinction between first-tier and where I am indicates that there is a difference.

He’s right about one thing, though, and I hate to admit it. But I’ve never had to work hard in my life. And unfortunately, I never have worked hard in my life. Some people have to, so they do. Some don’t have to, but still do (e.g. Eric Yang). I never have.

I realized this because this weekend a few days I slept until 1 and 2 PM. Because I need sleep – I’m just like that. And I was thinking why I wasn’t sleep deprived before. And I realized it’s because I’ve never deprived myself of sleep for long periods of time ever.

You know, in college I slacked my way through like a lot of people (or maybe not a lot). But even in high school, like I remember Henry once saying how he worked hard in high school and was really busy. But I never worked hard. Never had to really stay up late. Always got enough sleep. This is partly because I did almost no extracurricular activities, but that’s related. So yeah, I’ve never been really deprived of sleep because I’ve never really had to work hard.

I dunno, that makes me think a lot about my kids and stuff. Like, how do I challenge them and make them self-motivated in a way I never was? I think Henry and Dave both have thought about this. But yeah, all my self-motivation is pseudo-motivation – not long lasting and incomplete. That’s my biggest problem.

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