Someone teach me urinal etiquette. It’s almost as bad as long hallway etiquette. I just don’t know what to do. Sometimes when I see someone I kind of know at the urinal I go to the stall to avoid it.

But yeah, do you say hi? When? As soon as you come in? When you get to the urinal? Then what do you say for the rest of the time while you’re standing next to each other? No clue. And then if you get into a conversation it’s equally awkward. What the heck do you talk about? And how do you end it? It has to be long enough to take up peeing time but not too long. Just, it’s not like a cube where you can just take as long as you want to talk. You don’t hang out in the bathroom and chat all day, or the people in yellow jumpsuits come to take you away.

The worst is when you have a long conversation with a coworker, after which you go to the bathroom and find him there. Do you say “hi” as if you haven’t seen each other a while? Do you make an uncomfortable comment like, “We meet again?” Ergh.

Someone needs to write a book on this because I’m clueless.

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