More on my not wanting to impede friendships.

What I forgot to say was that if Dave hadn’t gone to KCPC, there is absolutely no way I would have been good friends with either Dave or Henry. I’m absolutely positive about this, 100% certain, guaranteed(*). Just, frosh year it was always “Dave and Henry”, which is why people got mad at Henry when Dave kept yelling “Chi-Hua” at IV large group. And there’s no way I would have intruded upon that.

It’s actually amazing that I ever get to be friends with anyone. The truth is, I’m easy to get to know to a certain point, but I keep a certain distance at that point so I’m hard to get to know past that. So yeah, I think I’m both easy and hard to get to know.

I still can’t figure out how/when I became friends with John.

* : not a guarantee

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