Awesome entry.

I dunno, to me the best entries are the ones where you do share what’s closest to your inner heart. Like, John had this entry where he just kind of let go and it was awesome. I dunno, great stuff. But then at the same time, that kind of stuff is almost not what you should be putting on a world accessible web page. I dunno, it’s a Catch-22. Not really, but Dave would think so.

I totally forgot about the Roble thing. But yeah, Dave wanted all the Christian frosh to draw into Roble. Reason being, Roble is big enough, and no one wants to live there so we could all get in. If I recall correctly, we dropped that plan when we found out Roble actually drew high because of the singles. I remember after the draw thinking, hey, all the Christians turned out in the same dorm anyway. Serra.

Both unattractive and hooked up.

This is weird, but in a way, Jieun’s college experience was what Dave would have done in retrospect. Just, 100% what she wanted to do, and screw preparation. And an emphasis on languages. I remember talking to her during her first year and her schedule was like, CIV, Korean, and Japanese. That’s it. I was shocked. Just thinking, uh, don’t you want to prepare yourself for something practical? I dunno, I just remember being completely shocked at her schedule, my practical side coming through. But she did what she wanted to do.

And I can’t say she was wrong. She got her BA/MA in 4 years and is conversationally quadrilingual, almost pentalingual. Incredible. Seriously, Jieun’s skill with language is one of the things that I find most amazing about her. She’s more bilingual than the vast majority of the people we know, and she speaks a third language well enough to survive an entire summer in Japan completely by herself. Amazing.

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