Had a dream the other night. I was with Andrew Wong. We saw a Chinese bakery and he suggested we try it. So we do. Total comes to $1.19. I pull out a ten dollar bill and a quarter. Cashier gives me $0.06. “I paid with $10” I say. “No you didn’t,” she replies. “Yes I did,” I respond. “Well, usually when you come here, you only pay with 2 pennies,” she says. No idea what she’s talking about. Outraged, I just leave without the food and vow to contact the Better Business Bureau and a host of other agencies.

As I’m leaving, I see one of the employees – Kevin Lee’s younger sister. I’m outraged that she would work at such an unjust store. I keep walking and suddenly I’m with a coworker, who suggests we go to McDonald’s. So we do. And perusing the menu, I see that this particular McDonald’s now serves duck. Regular, large, and super-size.

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