I realized something in Bible study last night. I have this thing about sharing things the “right” way that I don’t think anyone understands. Just, I feel you can share in a way that’s encouraging, or share in a way that’s almost gloating, for lack of a better word.

I guess what I realized is that I feel this way because this is my struggle sometimes. We were going through 1 John 3, talking about loving each other, and John brings up Cain, and not to be like him. What I realized is that I can relate to Cain. Just, sometimes when people “share”, instead of getting encouraged, I get jealous. That I guess God is using someone else but not me. Like Cain, I guess, that God’s accepting someone else’s sacrifice and not my own. So yeah, this sharing the right way thing is probably more about my pride than anything else. Dunno if this makes sense, but yeah, I think it makes sense in the chapter.

But anyway, I realized something else last night. What we do is we keep track of our prayer requests in this journal we have, and as I was reminded of some of my past requests I realized that they’d all been answered. I dunno, that was really encouraging to me. Along with reading how God answered Dave’s prayers for just 1 Christian friend I was just reminded that our prayers are not in vain.

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