My sister’s teaching first grade and apparently her kids are hilarious. Anyway, she had them write letters to Santa, and some of them were pretty funny. Here are some of them. I’m changing the names.

December 5th
Dear Santa,

Dont forget the snak I lade owt for you ok.  Rudolph is my fravrit.

Love Andrew


Decemder 5
Dear Santa,

How is Dasher?  I dont meen that I dont meen I dont care abat the other one by the way how are the other one?

Love Hilary


December 5th
Dear Santa,

I hap that rodoff is fin  I hap that he is fin I hap you are  not to fat and you are cyout [cute]?


December 5
Dear Santa,

How are you?  How is rodoff?  I thankck your handsam and you are nice and  I am goin to give you some coocie.


December 5
Dear santa,

I holp you like your snacks?  kos I now I will lik the presents that you give me.  and specking of presents I haveent told you wot I want yet.


Anyway, she also had them do New Year’s Resolutions. If I understand things correctly, she had them try to use three sentences. Anyway, here are some of them, again, names changed.

My New Year's resolution for 2002 is to clean my dog but when I come home she is not clean.  -Julia

My New year's resolution for 2002 is not eating to mutch junkfood.  I alwase eat junkfood at my dads.  My dad lets me eat junk food.

My new year resolution for 2002 is teach my brother every day.  because my brother does not like to speak.

My new year's resolution for the year 2002 is to teach my brother that mans isn't a word.  Because he started when he was 3 1/2 and I didn't know it.  Because he was smart.  (Illustration has a boy saying, "I'm gono play with the mans."  Girl replies, "No it's men.")  

My new years resolution for 2002 is to stoq listtning to my brothers conphersatoin on the phone.  because he beat meup.  and I donot like it!

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