I told Henry this but I’m against his wanting to do what Joann is doing. Actually not really. But kind of.

Just, one of my life influences is It’s A Wonderful Life. Love that movie. And in it, George spends his entire life wanting to go elsewhere, to see the world like all his friends are doing, to be somebody, but he’s stuck in his small town world. Until he realizes that true value isn’t found in going around the world and doing all these “great” things, but in affecting the people around you in your everyday, small life. I dunno, it’s hard for me to say how much I’m guided by this.

So yeah, I’m not against traveling and seeing the world and whatever. Just, I’m against being jealous of it or frustrated that you’re not doing that. Because, I dunno, to me, the value’s not in those things, it’s in affecting the people around you in your world, whatever that is. And, I dunno, it’s just something that makes me happy. I’ve never been to Hawaii, Mexico, South America, Europe, Africa, Japan, Australia, or a host of different places. Haven’t even been to Washington D.C. But, whatever, no big woop, because my value is in affecting my everyday life.

So yeah, I’m totally against Henry being frustrated by not seeing the world. Thing is, I don’t think he’s really frustrated about that. But I’m against him anyway.

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