So, another random story of how I felt self-conscious about being skinny growing up.

For a long time, I hated wearing button down shirts. Reason being, I hated tucking in my shirt. Again, I think only a fraction of guys can relate to this but yeah, when a guy who’s super skinny tucks in his shirt, it just totally accentuates his skinniness. And that’s the last thing you want to do.

So, any time I had to wear a button down, say with a tie or something, I did this thing that some super skinny guys do, where you kind of untuck the shirt a bit, so that it overlaps your belt and gives you like a waist cushion. I dunno if that makes any sense. But yeah, just untucking it a bit to give yourself a bit more mass. Only time I didn’t do this was when I wore a jacket, because that totally hides your waist.

It’s only recently that I’ve been comfortable with fully tucking in my shirt. I’m talking like, maybe 3 years ago. Maybe 2. I dunno, I could go on forever about how self-conscious I was about being skinny and weak growing up. Integral aspect of my childhood.

Just a little more. Hated getting suits growing up. Or pants for that matter. Nothing fit me. I was probably a 26 or 27 waist, and dunno if you know this, but it’s really hard to find pants that small. And it’s so small it doesn’t look right. So yeah, shopping was always traumatic.

Last story. One Sunday in college I was home in Houston, late for church, and I grab a pair of khakis. And I put it on and it fits, but it’s super tight. Doesn’t feel right at all. So I figure, this must be an old pair of khakis, must have outgrown them. So I take them off to check the size and the label says: 4 (or may have been 2 – don’t remember). They were my sister’s khakis. And I fit into them. I dunno, I’m a skinny guy.

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