Only caught the last part of the third quarter and the fourth. Interesting game. I dunno, I know nothing about football. Just, I was getting angry at the Pats defense because they weren’t rushing the QB at all. Just, wimpy 3-4 man rushes and very few blitzes. Reason being, all week on sports talk the consensus among everyone was that you had to rush Kurt Warner to have a chance. Meaning, constant, frequent blitzes.

Anyway, Belichick just mentioned in the post game that they went with the opposite strategy. Just, in the game before they blitzed a lot, but the Rams just countered with a quick 3 step drop and throw. So this time, they focused on covering. So Warner had all the time in the world to throw, but no one to throw to. I dunno, it was opposite what all the talk show people were saying, and it was making me angry, but it totally worked. So yeah, I know nothing.

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