Dunno why this is, but, a guy who likes a girl can make a girl who doesn’t like him eventually like him. Not make, but, I dunno, she can come around. But this doesn’t happen in reverse. No idea why this is, but in my estimation, that is how it is.

So, in my opinion, when a girl likes a guy and it’s unreciprocated, she has two options. Either keep on being friends with him with the understanding that he’s not going to come around. If she’s OK with that, then it’s cool. But if she can’t stand it, then she has to stop hanging out with them. Just, it’s hard to change how you feel, but you can change your external circumstances to minimize how you feel. So stop hanging out.

But yeah, generally, a girl can’t really convince a guy to like him and have that work out. Just my opinion, and no idea why that is.

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