So I’ve been thinking about the no blacks playing winter sports thing. Here’s my theory. I dunno, maybe it’s racist.

So the first thing is that most blacks in the world live in areas that don’t really have winters conducive to winter sports. So yeah, that eliminates most of them. But then, that still doesn’t explain why they’re virtually non-existent in the Winter Olympics. There are plenty of blacks in the countries that compete.

So what I think it comes down to is, money. Just, to do Winter Sports, it costs money. Skiing is totally expensive. Snowboarding. Basically anything in the Winter Olympics, you need certain resources or equipment that aren’t accessible to everyone. Whereas with the Summer sports, you don’t need much. Doesn’t take much to run. Need very little to play basketball or soccer, or whatever. There’s no such thing as a running resort.

I’m not saying all blacks are poor, obviously, but it’s just a cultural thing, and most blacks tend not to be a part of that culture. I dunno why. I dunno, we need like a Tiger Woods of skiing to get more people into that. Anyway, yeah, that’s my claim – it’s a socioeconomic thing.

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