I’m in favor of tithing 10% gross. That is, before taxes. I don’t think it’s set in stone or anything, so it’s up to everyone’s conscience. But in general, yeah, I think tithes should be 10% gross. I did some research on this a while back for a Bible study we were doing on money, and the reasoning behind the 10% gross thing is that we’re supposed to give our firstfruits to God. That’s the spirit behind tithing gross. And I couldn’t really find support for tithing net (after taxes). But again, it’s not set in stone.

Me and Jieun once had an argument about this, and as usual, she was right. Just, she was a big gross tithe person, even when it’s hard, as a matter of faith, and I was against her as a net tithe person. Then I talked to my parents who basically said, she’s right, you’re wrong. Also that research for the study. And yeah, that’s what I think now.

I’m still confused how the 401(k) works though. Just, if you don’t tithe based on that, it makes tithing of investment earnings easier – you just give 10% of whatever you sell. Otherwise, you have to figure out how much of the sale was earnings and tithe that. I dunno, I know this is kind of lame, and the important thing is the spirit behind it and everything, not these arcane details. But just for me, I like/need real guidelines.

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