Can you be a heretic and still be saved?

I was reading CT the other day and it was talking about the Trinity and the heresy of modalism, which is the idea that God adopted different persons in different times in history. In the OT, He was Father, in Jesus, the Son, and now, the Holy Spirit. It’s heretical because God always was and always will be all three.

The thing is, what the article said was that it’s a common heresy among Christians. That struck my eye. The author didn’t say it’s a common heresy, but that it’s a common heresy among Christians. Which implies that you can be a heretic and still be saved.

Which, if I think about it, kind of makes sense. Just, there must be “minor” heresies that you can have and still be saved. I dunno what this would be. Maybe a heresy that Jesus wasn’t a Jew? Is that even heresy or just factual error? Where do you draw the line into heresy? Does it have to be about a critical Christian doctrine?

But anyway, yeah, it made me think. There was another heresy the author talked about, that God created man because He needed an object for His love. That in some sense, He was lonely. Nice thought, but heretical, he writes. But again, seemed to imply that it’s a heresy held by Christians.

I had not really thought about this before, but yeah, I’m starting to think that maybe heretics can be saved. Which is really interesting, if you think about it.

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