One of my all time favorite albums is Coram Deo. It’s this kind of praise album produced by Charlie Peacock. Not really songs you can sing though; more meditative stuff. It’s got great stuff on it, including a couple Out of the Grey songs, and this duet with Michael Card and Charlie Peacock. I don’t know if you know what Card and Peacock sound like, but it’s night and day – this song is one of the funniest things you’ll ever hear. And it’s good. Just enough outside of mainstream to be good.

Anyway, one song I really like is this song Peacock wrote based on a short verse in the beginning of Job. People always harp on his friends for talking too much, but it’s interesting, because when they first see Job, they don’t say anything. They see how much he’s suffering so they don’t say a word, just hang out with him for 7 days. They did say too much but in the beginning, they were just with him, not saying anything at all.

So, Peacock riffs off that idea. And I dunno, it’s just a song I like. Here are the lyrics.

Now Is The Time For Tears

Charlie Peacock

Now is the time for tears
Don’t speak
Save your words
There’s nothing you could say
To take this pain away
Don’t try so hard
You can just simply be
Cry with me don’t try to fix me friend
That’s how you’ll comfort me

Heavenly Father cover this child with mercy
You are my helper through this time of trial and pain
Silence the lips of the people with all of the answers
Gently show them now is the time
Now is the time
Now is the time for tears

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