What’s your stance on stuff like yoga and acupuncture?

I ask because these things have some sort of spiritual element to them. Not everyone emphasizes it, but it’s there, and some people are wary of it. Like, I have a friend who studied acupuncture in China and was demonstrating and I remember Pastor Harold telling us to be cautious. Just he was talking about demonic influences and stuff like that. That Pastor Harold – what a joker.

With yoga there’s stuff too supposedly. Jieun’s against it. I kind of wanted to try out yoga. It seems kind of cool, I need to improve my flexibility, and if it’s good enough for Sting, it’s good enough for me. But yeah, she won’t do it and doesn’t want me to either.

I dunno, I think they’re fine as long as you just look at them as purely physical things but wondering what you think. What do our parents (who are Christian) think about acupuncture, for that matter? Because I know like my grandmother has done it before. What about like Tai Chi? I dunno, I think it’s fine but some people disagree.

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